Sport, Coaching, & Leadership

by Rees Wilson Heart broken, but not surprised. Angry, but not defeated. Disappointed, yet still encouraged. This is how I felt when hearing about Coach McDermott’s post game speech and reading his “I’m sorry” tweet. Inside I scream “SORRY IS NOT ENOUGH.”  Sorry does not even being to touch the surface of what those youngContinue reading “Sport, Coaching, & Leadership”

Soccer, Equity, & Justice: A Talk with the Black Players Alliance

The following discussion is an interview with the Black Players Alliance of the United Soccer League. For more information on the Black Players Alliance, visit their website. What is the Black Players Alliance? The Black Players Alliance of the United Soccer League (USL) is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve diversity at allContinue reading “Soccer, Equity, & Justice: A Talk with the Black Players Alliance”

Sports, Education, & Hip-Hop

The following conversation is an interview with Dr. Whitney Griffin. A Los Angeles native, Dr. Whitney Griffin’s mission is to widen her sphere of influence by teaching the transformative power of liberation and compassion to all of her students, both in the college classroom and in the yoga studio. Her degree in Learning Sciences allowsContinue reading “Sports, Education, & Hip-Hop”

Re-Forming Sport Beyond COVID-19

by Anthony Weems In April of this year, the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University hosted a webinar titled Around the World: COVID-19 & Sport where a group of panelists discussed the state of sport in their respective communities and/or nations. Toward the end of this discussion, Simon Chadwick, Professor of Eurasian sport, challengedContinue reading “Re-Forming Sport Beyond COVID-19”